About us

Although The Panda Stuff began as a hobby, it has now become a passion and a medium to express simplicity and joy with a touch of sparkle in our hand picked and custom design panda products and creations.

Started in 2016, we consider it sacrosanct to make use of best materials to design and create the texture and effects that make our assortment of panda products the FINEST in the area.

Our passion and love to bring you best products combined with a deep appreciation for nature and panda bears are responsible for our mesmerizing bundle of inspiring products.

The unique pieces are affordably priced and made from the heart with a touch of human awareness and affection for saving endangered species of pandas as a sizable portion of proceeds from The Panda Stuff is donated. So not only will you be getting that beautiful panda products for yourself or a loved one, but you’ll be saving and preserving the lives of endangered pandas.